Home for the Summer

“The Home for the Summer Program has given me experiences beyond what I would have gotten at my usual summer job. I feel more prepared and less nervous for my clinical placement this year because of the learning experiences I was able to have through the program.”

There Is No Place Like Home

“Home for the Summer Program was a great way to spend my summer. I was able to have the opportunity to return home for the summer, work and gain valuable experience related to my studies”

S. Webb

If this sounds like you, then let us know you want to come home for the summer to work. We will work with the local Regional Health Authority that you call home to arrange an educational work placement that reflects your current field of study and a future HR need for the region.

Typical positions will include a project that adds to the knowledge of the region about recruitment & retention. The placement will provide students with hands on experience both in the hospital environment and with patient interactions.

Sample placements include (but not limited to):

  • Pharmacy Student worked as Pharmacy Technician.
  • Nursing student shadowed postpartum home visits and school based immunization clinic to increase understanding and knowledge about Public Health nursing and nursing in the community.
  • Medical Student worked in the role of Direct Care Program Worker.

It will be the responsibility of the region to fulfill all duties as employer. Therefore, the specific Regional Health Authority makes all hiring decisions and is the active supervisor. The duration of the position will be within the range of 5 – 16 weeks, and will reflect your level of education ($12 – 20/hour). Space is limited, and not all that apply may be accepted.

Students are requested to forward the following details:

  1. Student name, contact information and area of study (health program student is currently enrolled in)
  2. Program length and anticipated year of graduation
  3. Where is the training location (Institution, City/Province)?
  4. Hometown
  5. Date you are able to begin summer work
  6. Salary Expectation

Apply now

For more information please email studentinfo@sharedhealthmb.ca

Want to host a student for the Summer?

“I had a summer rich in learning opportunities and inter-professional experiences with the wonderful staff at the Bethesda Regional Health Centre. They exemplified patient centered care and created a working environment where going the extra mile for their patients was the norm.”

Are you or your team interested in hosting a student for the summer who is studying in your field of health care?

Apply for a summer student position as part of Manitoba’s Home for the Summer program by completing the below form and providing a summary of the duties that the student position would perform and the value this position will add to your team/organization.

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