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Employment Sectors

Home and Community Care

Manitobans rely upon the compassionate and dedicated staff working as members of home and community care teams for supports and services that allow them to safely and successfully live in the community, often within their own home.

Find a rewarding career supporting the medical needs and/or activities of daily living for members of your community. Connect one-to-one with those in your care, build lasting relationships with clients and their family/support network, and experience a wide variety of work as you travel between different client environments throughout your shift.

Support activities such as bathing, dressing, feeding, medication assistance, toileting, and mobility supports. For individuals who are recovering at home following a surgery or illness, home care opportunities are available for licensed health-care professionals to support rehabilitative therapies. And for those Manitobans receiving palliative care at home, your compassion and skill will provide essential comfort, care and support.

Opportunities exist for uncertified health-care aides, health-care aides, nurses, and allied health professionals.

Shifts may vary, but are typically 8 hours in length.

Job postings and application information

Uncertified Home Care Aide Recruitment Program

The Home Care Program has recently launched a Training and Employment program to recruit uncertified HCAs for permanent positions in Home Care. Individuals who’ve completed the micro-credential course through Red River College Polytechnic are encouraged to apply:

Long Term Care (Personal Care Homes)

Long Term Care (Personal Care Home) settings provide essential care for Manitobans who are unable to safely remain at home/in the community. Medical needs, whether related to a health issue or disability, and the activities of daily living are supported by a diverse inter-disciplinary team made up of nurses, health-care aides, social workers, spiritual care providers, occupational/physio/rehabilitation therapists and many others.

Find a rewarding career supporting activities such as bathing, dressing, feeding, medication administration/assistance, mobility assistance, and/or toileting. With 24/7 nursing coverage, regular access to physicians and nurse practitioners as well as diverse teams that feel like family, working in a personal care home allows for close connections with residents and among the care team(s) while you provide vital care and support.

Opportunities exist for uncertified health-care aides, health-care aides, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, recreation workers, registered dietitians, rehabilitation aides, social workers, spiritual care providers, dietary aides, housekeeping aides and others.

Shifts are usually eight hours, often with straight shift availability (either all days, all evenings, or all nights). Specific shift patterns may vary by PCH.

Job postings and application information

Winnipeg Personal Care Homes

*Webpage only contains information about the site. Job postings can be found here.

Uncertified Home Care Aide Training Program

Funding is available for eligible uncertified HCAs to upskill to certified HCAs by completing an approved training program.

For more information, visit

Acute Care

Acute care facilities offer specialized, but often, short-term treatment for Manitobans who have experienced a severe injury or episode of illness, a time-sensitive medical condition, or who are recovering from a surgery.

Find a rewarding career as a member of a team supporting a range of medical and/or surgical specialties in one of Manitoba’s hospitals or health centers. Explore diverse settings in emergency departments or urgent care centers, ambulatory care clinics, or find your fit in a unit supporting medical or surgical patients in pediatrics, intensive care, labour and delivery, cardiology and more.

Work as an important member of a team made up of physicians, nurses, allied health providers and support personnel to provide care and treatment to a more acutely ill/injured patient population.

Opportunities exist at a number of locations across Manitoba for health-care aides, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and others. Roles are also available at several hybrid facilities that support both acute care and personal care home services (examples include: Deer Lodge Centre, Emerson Health Centre, Erickson & District Health Centre, Riverview Health Centre, and Whitemouth District Health Centre).

Shift patterns may vary by facility, either eight or 12 hours in duration, with day/evening or day/night rotations.

Job postings and application information

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