Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Does working in a profession that is fast paced and ever evolving, providing physicians with the tools to diagnose and treat their patients interest you?

If so, then becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer might be the right career choice for you!  

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (Sonographers) are the professionals who use specialized equipment that produce sound waves to produce images of internal structures to aid physicians in making a medical diagnosis. As a Sonographer, you would be responsible for ensuring the images produced are of the highest quality possible, as well as providing an oral or written summary of the technical findings to the sonologist (specialist who interprets sonograms). Sonographers work in the hospital setting and private sector throughout Manitoba. Sonographers are educated to perform many different scans, including (but not limited to):

  • Abdomen
  • Breast
  • Cardiac
  • Musculoskeletal (joints and soft tissues)
  • Obstetrics (unborn fetus)
  • Gynecology
  • Neurological (spinal cord and brain)
  • Vascular (blood flow)

Other duties performed by Sonographers include:

  • Interpreting physician requests to ensure the appropriate exam is being performed
  • Using independent judgement to recognize the need to provide additional images dependent on the diagnostic findings
  • Obtaining and recording an accurate patient history
  • Collaborating with other members of the healthcare team

Education Timeline:

It is recommended that 40S sciences are taken in high school in preparation for the admission requirement of 18+ credit hours of post-secondary education. Once these requirements are met, you can apply to Red River College Polytech to be considered for enrollment. The program is 28-months. There are 3 terms at RRCP (over 1.5 years), plus a one-year (48 week) clinical practicum at one of the clinical sites in Winnipeg. Upon completion of the program, graduates are required to write a certification exam through Sonography Canada in order to be eligible for employment.


There are currently openings for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers in Manitoba, both in Winnipeg and rurally. Sonographers work days Monday to Friday, as well as some weekends and on call as required.

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