Nurse Practitioners

In Manitoba, in order to become an Nurse Practitioners (NP), you need to:

NPs focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and acute and chronic illness management. NPs lead or collaborate with other disciplines to provide holistic care services to patients across the lifespan, and to families, groups, and communities.

Please refer to The Extended Practice Regulation which outlines, in greater detail, the specific health care services that NPs registered in Manitoba can perform.

The designation RN(EP) refers to a registered nurse who is on the extended practice register of CRNM. RN(EP) may also be referred to as an extended practice registered nurse, a registered nurse (extended practice) or a registered nurse, nurse practitioner.

This designation signifies that the RN has completed advanced education (or has demonstrated substantially equivalent education and experience), and has passed an approved examination demonstrating extended practice competencies. Only an RN registered on the extended practice register can use the titles:

  • Registered Nurse (extended practice) or RN(EP);
  • Registered Nurse;
  • Nurse Practitioner or RN, NP; or any derivative.

Note: In Manitoba the terms RN(EP) and NP are synonymous.

Career opportunities are available for graduates of NP programs in settings such as primary care clinics, nursing stations in the north, specialty clinics or community settings, such as: Quick Care Clinics, Emergency Department minor treatment areas, personal care homes, nurse researchers and instructors at a faculty/school of nursing.

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