Registered Psychiatric Nurse

In Manitoba, in order to practise as an Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN), you will have to:

RPNs take a four year university nursing program, leading to a Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing degree (BScPN).

RPNs form the largest single group of mental health professionals in Manitoba. Psychiatric nurses are trained to work with clients whose primary care needs relate to mental and developmental health. With their specific education and experience, RPNs provide crisis and treatment intervention on a daily basis.

Although RNs and RPNs both enter their professions with undergraduate preparation, the context of practice is different in terms of their primary focus. For example, LPNs and RNs may see mental health as part of physical health while RPNs may see physical health as part of mental health.

RPNs work in a variety of clinical environments and in team settings including:

  • acute care hospitals and clinics
  • child and adolescent treatment programs
  • long term psychiatric and geriatric facilities
  • crisis teams and suicide prevention
  • community mental health programs
  • home care
  • corrections facilities and services
  • palliative care
  • education programs and, private practice
  • forensics
  • family therapy and programs
  • substance abuse/addiction counselling
  • residential and community programs for counselling
  • social services
  • child services, youth centres
  • school mental health programs
  • community outreach

Authorized Prescriber Role for Registered Psychiatric Nurses

The Authorized Prescriber role enables Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses to bring a distinct impact on access and quality care within three practice areas in Manitoba: Sexual and reproductive health, Diabetes management and Travel Health.

Funding Available

There is now funding available for individuals to pursue the appropriate steps to achieve the formal prescribing notation.

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