Clinical Psychologist Training

Psychologists are a regulated health profession, licensed in Manitoba through the Psychological Association of Manitoba. Core competencies of Clinical Psychologists include assessment, diagnosis, treatment, consultation and clinical research.

Training to become a Clinical Psychologist is a stepped process. An undergraduate degree (4 years) establishes the foundational knowledge in psychological science. The graduate doctoral degree (6 years) provides the clinical knowledge and training as a clinician and scientist. The residency program (1 year) offers further depth and breadth of clinical experience, as well as specialization where appropriate.

In Manitoba, a doctoral degree (PhD or PsyD) is required for independent practice as a Clinical Psychologist. Following completion of the doctoral degree, registration is first as a Psychologist Candidate, which involves a year of supervised practice, and formal national and provincial exams, resulting in licensure for independent practice as a Psychologist (C.Psych).

In Manitoba, an undergraduate psychology honours degree, the prerequisite for clinical psychology graduate training, is offered through the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, Brandon University and Canadian Mennonite University. Graduate level training in clinical psychology is offered through the University of Manitoba, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts. A residency in Clinical Psychology is offered through the Department of Clinical Health Psychology, Max Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba. This twelve-month residency, with Adult, Child, Rural and Neuropsychology training streams has been continuously accredited since the 1970s and is currently accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association through to 2023-2024.

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