Family Practice Anesthesia Program Funding

FP Anesthesia Program

This program is designed to prepare the family physician for rural/northern anesthesia practice through acquisition of the skills and judgment required to provide basic anesthetic service to low risk adult, pediatric and obstetric patients. The program, available as a one year residency within the Department of Family Medicine and provided at a PGY3 level within the Department of Anesthesia, consists of supervised clinical case management, a formal seminar series and other elements. Skills in resuscitation, acute care, emergency medicine and trauma management may also be included.

Funding Access

Shared Health (MB Healthcare Providers Network) has been given the authority to oversee the disbursement of the annual budget allocated to the FP anesthesia training program, which is accessible to practicing rural/northern Manitoba physicians, as well as family medicine residents who wish a third year of training. Following is the policy and procedure that applicants are to follow if they wish to apply to and request funding support from this program.

The program has limited annual funding as well as a limit on the number of residents which can be accommodated by the Dept. of Anesthesia; as such, requests for funding will be dealt with as they are received.

A request for funding will not be considered unless all of the following conditions are met:

  • Applicants must have either landed immigrant status or full Canadian citizenship.
  • Applicants must have full registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM).
  • Applicants must receive a job offer from a rural or northern community (RHA or facility) that will commence upon the completion of the training.
  • Such job offer should include the opportunity to include anesthesia as part of the practice.

Having satisfied the above conditions, applicants must next receive an offer of a training position from the Department of Anesthesia (via the Dept of FM).

Before beginning the one year residency, the applicant must sign a Return of Service agreement with Manitoba Health, requiring the trainee to return service to a rural or northern area for a time equal to the period of time that was funded.

Applicants accepted into the Family Practice Anesthesia Program will be paid a salary at a PGY3 level.

Interested applicants should submit requests for access and funding support in writing to Shared Health (MB Healthcare Providers Network) and include all necessary documentation described above.

FP Anesthesia Program Application Form
(the form prints out on legal paper)

Please direct all requests to:
MB Healthcare Providers Network
Family Practice Anesthesia Program
Unit D – 101 1st Avenue NW
Dauphin, MB R7N 1G


Dr. Jason Scott by E-Mail:

Program details available here:

UM Faculty of Medicine Post Graduate Enhanced Programming Information

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