MRI & Spectroscopy


Salary Range
$58,000 – $94,000

Recommended High School Courses

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses magnetism, radio waves and computers to acquire medical images. The nature of this technology is unique, providing specialized imaging, patient care, and safety requirements related to the magnetic field. As an MRI technologist, you would be responsible for operating the MRI scanner, ensuring patient/staff safety when near the magnetic field, explain procedures to patients and provide them with emotional support. MRI technologists are also responsible for providing education to staff and patients. Magnetic resonance scans require sliding patients into a body-length tunnel – the core of the magnetic field. The images obtained from a magnetic resonance scan are routinely used to assess the cardiovascular system, body chemistry and functions, as well as image soft tissues (muscles, tendons) and detect tumours (especially in the brain and spinal column).

This 8 ½ month intensive program consists of two terms. The first term is theoretical at Red River College Polytech for 16 weeks where students will learn the physics around how the magnet and radio waves work to produce high quality medical images, as well as safety when the magnet is in use for both staff and patients. The second term is spent at a clinical site, applying this knowledge, as well as interacting with other health care professionals and patients. There is a higher level of patient care skills required – many patients experience claustrophobia when inside the MRI machine. Students are responsible for costs associated with their clinical experience, such as relocation and travel costs.


  • Eight and one-half month – Advanced Diploma
  • End of August entry date
  • Notre Dame Campus in Winnipeg
  • Clinical work experience with clinical training sites throughout Manitoba
  • Graduates are eligible to challenge the national certification exams of the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT)

Interested applicants with the following attributes would find the career of a MRI Technologist very rewarding:

  • Have a strong academic background, especially in science.
  • Desire to work as a health care professional to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
  • Possess strong organizational skills, the ability to pay attention to detail.
  • Have the ability to follow standard operating procedures.
  • Must have an ability to critically think, be resourceful, communicate.
  • Be interactive as a team member with a diverse population of health care professionals and patients.
  • Behave professionally even under stressful situations.
  • Have the ability to act responsibly and with integrity.
  • Are able to approach new challenges and cope with constant changes in technology and in your work environment.
  • Have an aptitude for effective communication.

Training & Education Routes

Red River College Polytech
MRI and Spectroscopy : RRC Polytech: Program Explorer

Admission Requirements

The MRI and Spectroscopy program at Red River College is offered as a second discipline program. If you are considering a career in MRI you should have a strong background in physics, anatomy, and diagnostic imaging procedures with an emphasis on patient care.

Successful completion of a diploma/degree in Medical Radiologic TechnologyNuclear MedicineRadiation Therapy, or Ultrasound from a recognized institute or college

Applicants who have one of the conditions listed on the Safety Checklist may not be eligible to enter the MRI profession.

Please see link provided for a complete list of all admission requirements.

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