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Prairie Mountain Health Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Southern Health-Santé Sud Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority CancerCare Manitoba Shared Health Northern Health Region

Prairie Mountain Health

• Population: 164,000

• 67,000 square kilometers

• The area includes Winnipeg’s second largest city of Brandon.

• ~ 7,500 health care workers employed

• 29 hospitals, 43 long-term care facilities

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Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

• Population: 750,000

• Serves residents of the City of Winnipeg and nearby communities, as well as the northern community of Churchill

• ~ 14,000 health-care workers employed

• 5 hospitals, 6 health centers and 37 long-term care facilities

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Southern Health-Santé Sud

• Population: 216, 253

• 27,025 square kilometers

• ~ 6,100 health care workers employed

• 13 hospitals and 22 long-term care facilities

• Large number of Francophone communities

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Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

• Population: 133,800

• 61,000 square kilometers

• ~ 3,000 health care workers employed

• 10 hospitals, 16 long-term care facilities

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CancerCare Manitoba

• Sets strategic priorities and long-term planning for cancer and blood disorders, as well as the delivery of clinical services for both children and adults.

• Cancer services are provided in communities across the province with most specialized cancer services delivered in Winnipeg and Brandon, Manitoba.

• ~ 1,000 health care workers employed

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Shared Health

• Responsible for the delivery of a wide variety of provincial health services (diagnostics, laboratory services, emergency response services and more)

• Responsible for health services delivered at the province’s largest hospital, Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg.

• These services support the care of patients from across Manitoba, northwestern Ontario and Nunavut

• ~ 18,000 health care workers employed

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Northern Health Region

• Population: 74,175

• 396,000 square kilometers

• ~ 1,620 health care workers employed

• 6 hospitals, 4 long-term care facilities

• Approximately one-third of residents report speaking at least one Aboriginal language

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