Southern Health-Santé Sud

Come for the career you imagined and the lifestyle you deserve.

Southern Health-Santé Sud offers a wide range of healthcare opportunities to deliver a full continuum of Programs and Services. This gives you many career and leadership opportunities to choose from and provides you the freedom to live in a community that best fits your lifestyle. The Southern Health-Santé Sud team of over 6 000 employees work diligently to provide the best client experience possible to each person we serve.

About Us

An important gateway to the province from the U.S. international border, Southern Health-Santé Sud covers an expanse of 27 0252 kilometers of southernmost Manitoba. Click here to access a detailed map.

Today, just over 207 000 people live in Southern Health-Santé Sud tracing their ancestries to one or more ethnic groups including Aboriginal, British, Dutch, French, German (including Mennonites, Hutterites and Kanadiers from Mexico and South America), Polish, Ukrainian and many others. As a thriving cultural region and the most populated of the rural Regional Health Authorities, Southern Health-Santé Sud ranks as one of the fastest growing areas in the province. Four cities now balance their rural heritage with the amenities of growing urban life. There are 4 towns, 1 village, 20 rural municipalities, 7 municipalities and 1 unorganized territory.

In the 21st century, many of the day-to-day activities and yearly events continue to reflect the rich diversity of cultures, a prosperous agricultural land base, and related processing, service and recreational industries. The pioneering spirit that helped to settle and build this region lives on, and the capacity for together leading the way for a healthier tomorrow is evident in the vibrant and ambitious modern community that exists today.

So why consider Southern Health–Santé Sud?

In many ways, it’s truly the best of both worlds! Providing all services across the continuum of care, our team thrives in an atmosphere of innovation and success while still enjoying a relaxed, healthy rural lifestyle complete with a strong sense of community and all the modern conveniences. In southern Manitoba, you’ll enjoy rural life at its best – complete with great opportunities, balanced lifestyles, breathtaking landscape and brilliant skies! Click here for more information on working in Southern Health-Santé Sud:

For information on Manitoba Health Careers please visit MB HealthCare Providers Network Job Search page.

Southern Health-Santé Sud map

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