Health Professions

Health Professions in Manitoba are combined of a number of disciplines, including:

Each professional has a responsibility to adhere to standards as set out by the Health Professions Advisory Council, and to their own professional advisory boards.

As identified on the Government of Manitoba’s Regulated Health Professions Act, the application process identifies that the Legislative Framework is:

A group of persons representing a health profession who wish to be regulated under The Regulated Health Professions Act must apply for such designation. Subsection 156(1) of The Regulated Health Professions Act provides that: Applying to be a regulated health profession 156(1)

If a group of persons representing a health profession wishes that profession to be regulated under this Act, the group must apply to the minister for the health profession to be designated as a regulated health profession under clause 8(a).

Health Professions Advisory Council

The Health Professions Advisory Council inquires into and advises the Minister on matters related to The Regulated Health Professions Act and the regulation of Manitoba’s health professions, including referrals made by the Minister of applications for designation as a self-regulating profession under the Act.

Members of the Council are appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council. In formulating its advice to the Minister, the Council seeks information and comment from members of the public, stakeholders, health profession regulatory colleges and associations, and conducts research and engages person or organizations with technical and subject-matter expertise.

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