Living in Manitoba

Manitoba Regions

Manitoba’s regions are all so beautiful and unique in geography, topography and natural resources. There are so many wonderful and exciting things to explore in Manitoba, we are sure you will find one to suit your lifestyle!

Northern Manitoba

Few places in the world compare to Manitoba’s hearty North. Northern Manitoba was a staple in the fur-trade and Canada’s establishment because of its shores on the Hudson Bay. Its place in Canada’s rich history pairs perfectly with its extensive landscape of untouched wilderness to bring you the ultimate Canadian experience. Remote forest, secluded lakes, expansive rock shield and wildlife like polar bears, beluga whales, elk, wolves, moose and thousands of others makes Manitoba’s North a truly mystic place.

Prairie Mountain

The Parkland region is located in west-central Manitoba and is an eclectic blend of nature, recreational activities, geography and strong community. It features many of the province’s nicest golf courses, crystal clear lakes and rivers with several different species of trophy-sized fish, as well as Manitoba’s only National Park. Renowned winter skiing, snowshoe and snowmobile trails also make for epic cycle, hiking and ATV trails in the summer. There truly is something for everyone in Manitoba’s Parkland.

Interlake – Eastern

Located in the area surrounding Lake Winnipeg (the 11th largest freshwater lake on earth) and Lake Manitoba, the Interlake features sandy beaches, boreal forest and incredible camping and cottage country. Naturalists flock to the Interlake, like the birds and other wildlife they seek, and historians are never far from sites rich with significance.

Southern Health-Santé Sud

Rolling fields and some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets you’ve ever seen make up the southern end of the province. While the West is a fertile territory rich in farming and agriculture, the East belongs to the Canadian Shield, the picture-perfect wilderness that cottages and camping is made for. The Southern Region of Manitoba has a great deal to do with the history and founding of the province, leaving no shortage of museums and tourist attractions celebrating Manitoba’s past.


The capital and largest city in Manitoba, Winnipeg is located near the longitudinal centre of North America and at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. Winnipeg is a railway and transportation hub with a diversified economy and a multicultural vibe.

The city hosts numerous annual festivals, including:

In addition to the festival entertainment, Winnipeg is proud to be the home of the beautiful Canadian Museum for Human Rights, as well as a number of other museums, art galleries, theatre companies and the renowned Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

Winnipeg sports fans are some of the best in Canada and we offer five professional sports franchises for everyone to get their game on:

For more information on what the City of Winnipeg has to offer, visit the links below:

Manitoba Interest

Manitoba – Canada’s Heart Beats – is a gateway to several of the vast geographical features this wonderful country offers. Check out these Manitoba Quick Facts.

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