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As students pursue their health career interests, they will be required to fulfill a variety of different educational requirements.  The depth of these educational requirements will be in part a reflection of the type of career path they wish to seek.  A doctor may require years of post-secondary study, while other professions may require less demanding requirements like high school or vocational training.

This section is aimed at helping students take advantage of the many different health related educational opportunities available in Manitoba.

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High School Students

Interested in learning about a career in health care?

Discover exciting careers, interact with health care professionals, explore realistic provider/patient scenarios, and find out how to get hands-on experiences that will open your eyes to the limitless potential offered by a career in health care.

Not sure where to start?

Impactful moments and interactions inspire future health-care workers.

Your journey toward a career in health care can start today, with the information and resources available here:

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Health Care Students

Aimed at students currently enrolled in a health care or medical training program, this section will help you learn more about opportunities available for work placement in your field of training, facility tours in your area, financial assistance and connecting with a recruiter.

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