Discover Health Careers

As students pursue their health career interests, they will be required to fulfill a variety of different educational requirements.  The depth of these educational requirements will be in part a reflection of the type of career path they wish to seek.  A doctor may require years of post-secondary study, while other professions may require less demanding requirements like high school or vocational training.

This section is aimed at helping students take advantage of the many different health related educational opportunities available in Manitoba.

High School Students

What can Shared Health (MB Healthcare Providers Network) do for high school students? Our goal is to provide a variety of supports ranging from; information on careers in healthcare, and identifying financial resources to assist them with their education. 

Finally, we need to continuously work with students to identify any barriers they may experience that could prevent them from pursuing a career in healthcare. 

Shared Health (MB Healthcare Providers Network) has participated in a number of career forums for high school students. These included the career day at the Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler, participation in Discovery Days; a one day forum at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine that allows selected high school students from throughout Manitoba to explore a career in the health care sector. 

As well as, the Parkland Career & Job Fair in Dauphin. The office annually attends the Brandon Career Symposium in Brandon. 

Shared Health (MB Healthcare Providers Network) is always looking for ways to connect to students so if you are aware of forums or opportunities for the office to present to students please contact the office and we will do our best to fit the event into our schedule. 

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