Winnipeg RHA

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) is one of the largest and most diverse health regions in Canada. It is responsible for providing healthcare to more than 700 000 people living in the city of Winnipeg as well as the surrounding rural municipalities of East and West St. Paul and the town of Churchill, located in northern Manitoba.

The WRHA also provides healthcare support and specialty referral services to nearly 500 000 Manitobans who live outside its boundaries, as well as residents of northwestern Ontario and Nunavut who require the speciality referral services and expertise available in Winnipeg.

More than 28 000 people work in the WRHA which operates or funds over 200 health service facilities and programs including:

Two Tertiary Hospitals:

Four Community Hospitals:

Four Long Term Care Health Centres:

Community Health Operations

Direct Community Operations:

Key Partners:

The WRHA continues to improve health and well-being, while enhancing Winnipeg’s health services and building partnerships with the community.

Why Work Here?

The WRHA has cultivated a reputation of being a great place to work. We value work/life balance, workplace safety, professional development and diversity. We employ approximately 28 000 people.

For information on Manitoba Health Careers please visit MB HealthCare Providers Network Job Search page.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority map

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