Northern Health Region

Healthy People in a Healthy North – the Northern Health Region (Northern Regional Health Authority) was created in 2012 through the amalgamation of the NOR-MAN and Burntwood RHAs. It is geographically, the largest of the five RHAs in the province of Manitoba.

The Northern Health Region has a population of over 74 000 people spread over 396,000 km², resulting in a population density of 0.18 persons per km² compared to 2.19 persons per km² for the entire province of Manitoba.

Within the region there are:

Our Facilities

Our facilities include hospitals, personal care homes and health centres offering medical/surgical, gynaecology/obstetrics, pediatrics and palliative care – listed below:

  • Thompson General Hospital – 89 beds (incl. mental health, acquired brain injury & special services)
  • Flin Flon General Hospital – 42 beds (incl. special care unit)
  • The Pas Health Complex – 48 beds (incl. mental health and special care unit)
  • Lynn Lake Hospital – 19 beds (incl. 8 long term care)
  • Gillam Hospital – 10 beds (incl. 3 long term care)
  • 7 personal care homes – Thompson, Flin Flon(2), The Pas, Snow Lake and Lynn Lake (2)

The Northern Health Region is full of opportunity! We offer the perfect setting for a diverse and rewarding practice environment. This is a place where your professional ambitions can be realized. Our friendly and supportive staff will help make you feel right at home. By providing information and resources in a supportive and encouraging environment, our workplace integration programs help ease the transition into a new career in the Northern Health Region. We are progressive in supporting you through continuing education. We encourage ongoing education as a way to foster your personal and professional growth.

Financial rewards are a part of the package! The Northern Health Region is not only professionally advantageous, but you will also benefit financially with competitive salaries, retention allowances for qualifying positions, relocation assistance, northern living allowance and a comprehensive benefit package.

If an active lifestyle appeals to you, you’ll love our region. Crystal clear lakes, seemingly endless boreal forests and more are less than a five-minute drive from our major centres. Our four-season playground was made for everything from golf, hiking, skiing, sailing, fishing, hunting and snowmobiling. The possibilities are only limited by your desire and imagination. Where else can you find progressive towns and cities.

You owe it to yourself to talk with one of our recruitment officers to find out more and have your questions answered. We’d be pleased to welcome you to the true north, strong and free.

For information on Manitoba Health Careers please visit MB HealthCare Providers Network Job Search page.

Northern Health Region map

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