A Career as a Paramedic Can Take You Anywhere


Salary Range
$53,176 – $83,489

Recommended High School Courses
High School Diploma or equivalent
English 40S
Math 40S (Applied or Pre-Calculus)
Biology 40S
Chemistry 40S OR Physics 40S

Not all courses are required for all
programs — please inquire with
individual programs for more

Paramedics deliver emergency and non-emergency care to patients in hospital, between facilities, and in community settings. They’re a part of the team that helps patients get where they need to go safely (by air and by land).

Paramedics can grow in their career and take on more responsibility by completing extra courses.

Role Requirements

  • Paramedics respond to a variety of calls and are exposed to high-pressure, fast-paced and mentally demanding situations
  • Paramedics are frequently required to lift patients and heavy equipment
  • Paramedics work indoors and outdoors in variable weather conditions
  • Paramedics work 12-hour shifts, including days, nights, weekends, and holidays. Some paramedics work on-call shifts

Skills and Abilities

graphic of four hands stacked on top of each other

Team Player

a graphic of a figure sitting cross-legged

Calm Under Pressure

a graphic of two overlapping speech bubbles

Clear Communicator

a graphic of two overlapping hands in the shape of a heart

Empathetic and Compassionate

Educational Programs

Criti Care

Elite Safety Services (Brandon, MB)

Manitoba Emergency Services College (Brandon, MB)

Red River College Polytechnic

University College of the North

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