A Career as a Medical Laboratory Technologist Can Take You Anywhere


Salary Range
$65,082 – $81,644

Recommended High School Courses
High School Diploma or equivalent
English 40S
Math 40S
Biology 40S
Chemistry 40S
Physics 40S

Medical laboratory technologists are responsible for collecting, preparing, and examining blood, bodily fluids and tissue samples and interpreting test results. These results are used by the health care team to diagnose, treat, and prevent medical conditions.

Medical laboratory technologists work across the laboratory in different specialty areas, including clinical biochemistry, clinical microbiology, hematology, transfusion medicine, anatomical pathology, genomics, and immunology.

Clinical Biochemistry – Conducts biochemical analysis of body fluids in support of the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Clinical Microbiology – Uses various analytical methods to test and identify organisms that are responsible for infection including bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Hematology – Studies blood and blood disorders, such as leukemias.

Transfusion Medicine – Performs cross match testing to ensure patients receive compatible blood products. Analyzes blood group systems and receives various blood products from Canadian Blood Services.

Anatomical Pathology – Receives biopsies and tissues from surgeries to process, cut and stain

Genomics – Studies chromosomes, DNA, and RNA in support of the diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders.

Immunology – Studies the immune system.

Role Requirements

  • Medical laboratory technologists spend a lot of time either sitting or standing
  • Medical laboratory technologists perform repetitive tasks
  • Medical laboratory technologists must follow strict safety procedures to keep themselves safe from hazardous materials
  • Medical laboratory technologists may be responsible for phlebotomy (taking blood from patients)
  • Medical laboratory technologists generally work 8-hour shifts, including days, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays

Skills and Abilities

a graphic of three people standing together, but one person is in front of the other two

Effective Leader

a graphic of a magnifying glass

Attentive to Detail

graphic of four hands stacked on top of each other

Team Player

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Problem Solver

Educational Programs

Red River College Polytechnic

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