Salary Range
$116,000 – $197,000

Recommended High School Courses
Mathematics 40S (Applied or Pre-Calculus)
Chemistry 40S
Physics 40S
Biology 40S

Dentistry is one of the most rewarding professions to pursue. Through education, diagnosis and treatment, dentists provide the public with an essential health service. Research is continuing to show that the link between oral health and general health is strong.
Before applying to dental school, you must determine whether it is the right career choice for you, what the educational and training requirements are and what opportunities a dental degree can offer you beyond the scope of general practice.
What you may not realize is that dentistry is an artistic as well as scientific profession.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you enjoy interacting with and helping people?
  • Would you like a career that offers challenge and variety?
  • Would you enjoy being self-employed?
  • Are you interested in helping people maintain and improve their oral health?
  • Do you have good manual dexterity and spatial judgement?
  • Do you have keen memory and a strong interest and ability in science?

The scope of a dentist’s work is much broader today than ever before. Dentists are oral health experts. They have the skills, training and expertise to know how the health of your teeth, gums and mouth relate to your general health.
Today’s dentists do more than drill and fill patients’ teeth; they perform a wide variety of procedures and functions. Though some dentists specialize or develop expertise in particular areas, the number and range of services that dentists provide has steadily grown.

Requirements at A Glance

Minimum Credit Hours:
60 credit hours of specific courses over two years of full time study

Minimum GPA:

  • Interview:
    Yes, a personal interview in front of the Faculty selection committee is required.
  • Entrance Exam:
    Yes — English Canadian Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) must be written by November prior to applying.
  • Summer Session:
    Yes, but only between the two regular sessions of University 1 and second year. All courses must be completed by the end of April for admission the following August.
  • Selection Criteria:
    Grades, interview and DAT score are equally weighted. Admission is restricted to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents.
  • Information on the admission process may be accessed through the University of Manitoba Admissions web page or by requesting, from either the Faculty of Dentistry or the University of Manitoba Admissions Office (Enrolment Services), an Application Bulletin.

Links to Sites


Brandon University*

University of Winnipeg*

*Offer Pre-Professional Dentistry programs

University of Manitoba
Faculty of Dentistry
D 212, 780 Bannatyne Avenue
Phone: 204-789-3631

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