Medical Laboratory Technologist

Are you interested in working in a fast paced, evolving profession, providing physicians with key testing to diagnose and treat their patients? Becoming a Medical Laboratory Technologist could be the right career choice for you!

As a Medical Laboratory Technologist, you will be responsible for collecting, preparing and analyzing blood, body fluids and tissue samples and interpreting results. A Medical Laboratory Technologist plays a key role is assisting Physicians with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Working throughout the Province of Manitoba, Medical Laboratory Technologists focus is on quality patient care in many different lab settings. There are 5 departments in the Urban Lab setting with exciting opportunities waiting for you:

Hematology – The study of blood and blood disorders, such as Leukemias. Perform a wide variety of basic and advanced hematology testing on whole blood, serum and fluids. Most common test done is Complete Blood Count (CBC) and coagulation testing.

Chemistry – Biochemical analysis of body fluids in support of the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Shared Health offers a large variety of biochemistry tests, from glucose and cholesterol to hormones and therapeutic drugs.

Microbiology – Various analytical methods to test and identify organisms that are responsible for infection including bacteria, fungi and parasites. Also looks at antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in bacteria.

Histology – Receives biopsies and tissues from surgeries to process, cut and stain. A pathologic examination of the tissue can then be done under the microscope to diagnose diseases and their various states.

Transfusion Medicine – Provides cross match testing to ensure patients receive compatible blood products, analyzes blood group systems and receiving various blood products from CBS including red blood cells, platelets, plasma and IVIG. Most common test performed is a Type and Screen.

Other duties performed by MLTs include, but are not limited to:

  • Triaging, accessioning and labelling all specimens ensuring proper information on a sample and requisition
  • Aliquot samples and ensure proper transfer and storage
  • Perform phlebotomy   
  • Maintenance and Quality Control

Education Timeline:

Recommended High School courses include: Biology 40S, Chemistry 40S, Mathematics 40S (Applied or Pre-calculus) and Physics 40S (recommended, not required).

After High School successful completion of 18 + credit hours at a degree level post-secondary institution will need to be completed. When admission requirements are completed you can now register for the Medical Laboratory Sciences program which is a 28-month advance diploma program offered at Red River College Polytech. The course starts out with three full academic terms over 1.5 years at the Notre Dame Campus in Winnipeg. Followed by a one-year practicum which could be located throughout Manitoba with base sites in Winnipeg or Brandon. Upon graduation, all MLTs are required to challenge the certification exam offered by the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Sciences (CSMLS) in order to be eligible for employment.


There are currently many Medical Laboratory Technologist positions available at labs across Manitoba in Rural and Urban settings. Labs are open 24/7, work evenings/nights, weekends, and on call could be required with your position.

Salary: $60, 000 – $88,000

Medical Laboratory Assistant

Medical Laboratory Assistant is responsible for assisting the laboratory in its role of sample triaging, accessioning and processing of specimens. MLAs have a great understanding in the pre-analytical procedures that happen in the Laboratory. 

In just 11 months you can be on the job working with many career opportunities available!

Medical Laboratory Assistants play a key role in the pre-analytical procedures or the lab!

  • Aliquoting samples
  • Using the Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Performing phlebotomy
  • Performing and reporting limited routine tests and quality control according to written protocols
  • Preparing reagents
  • Operate and perform routine and preventative maintenance on equipment
  • Observes all lab policies, procedures, safety and health regulations and safe work practices

Education Timeline:

Admission requirement is a High school diploma, including Grade 12 Math and English and Grade 11 or 12 Biology or Chemistry

Program is offered at two locations in Winnipeg Robertson College (11 month program) and Herzing (4 month program).


There are currently many Medical Laboratory Assistant positions available at labs across Manitoba, Rural and Urban. Labs are open 24/7, work evenings/nights, weekends, and on call could be required with your position.

Salary: $41, 000 – $50, 000

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