“Being an Undergraduate Nurse Employee (UNE) in the Grace Hospital medicine unit has been the best experience. The nurses and health care aides that I work with have been so kind, and any time I need help or am not sure about what to do, the nurses will demonstrate or explain the process so that I can gain confidence.

I feel very blessed to be a UNE. In this position I’m able to practice my skills to become better at performing procedures that I have less experience with. For example, I knew that I needed to do more practice on my IV insertion, so one day I wrote a message on the white board in our break room that said ‘Hello nurses, this is Yasmin. Please let me know if you need any IV insertions.’ And they did! For three weeks the nurses would come find me when their patient needed an IV and they would watch me do it, and now I have so much experience with IV insertions. I encourage fellow nursing students to not hesitate to apply for UNE positions because this has been such an amazing opportunity. Based on my own experience, I believe any nursing student who meets the minimum hour requirements to apply for a UNE position has learned the skills that they need to excel as a UNE, and the nurses that you will work with are very good at understanding your capabilities.”

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