A Career as a Cardiology Technologist Can Take You Anywhere


Salary Range
$62,654 – $82,168

Recommended High School Courses
High School Diploma or equivalent
English 40S
Biology 40S
Math 30S (or higher)
Chemistry 30S (or higher)
OR Physics 30S (or higher)

Cardiology technologists use a variety of tests – including electrocardiograms (ECGs), exercise stress testing, and Holter monitoring – to record the activity of the heart. These test results are used by the health care team to diagnose, monitor, and treat heart disease.

Role Requirements

  • Cardiology technologists spend a lot of time on their feet
  • Cardiology technologists are frequently required to lift equipment and position patients
  • Cardiology technologists may work with patients who experience medical test anxiety
  • Cardiology technologists generally work 8-hour shifts, including days, evenings, weekends, and holidays

Skills and Abilities

a graphic of two overlapping speech bubbles

Clear Communicator

a graphic of a head with a lightbulb in it

Problem Solver

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Attentive to Detail

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Empathetic and Compassionate

Educational Programs

Stenberg College

  • Cardiology Technology*
    *Sternberg College is located in Surrey, BC. This course is offered in a combined delivery format with online theory and in-person labs and clinicals in Winnipeg
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