Health Care Aides

Do you have a passion for supporting others? A desire to make a difference in your community? Consider training to be a health care aide.

In just 20 weeks, you could be building connections and supporting care for those in need.

Health care aides have an important role in the day-to-day care and comfort of patients, residents and clients across acute, long term care, home care, not-for-profit and government agency settings.

They work as part of an interprofessional team to deliver care to seniors and individuals with medical conditions, post-surgery or with developmental disabilities.

Health care aide positions are available in sites across the province. Specific duties might vary but will include daily essential care including assistance with bathing, dressing, transferring/ movement and assistance with feeding. You may also help clients with therapeutic procedures like exercise, simple wound care, administration of respiratory equipment, as well as medication assistance and reminders. Another responsibility is monitoring behavior changes and ensuring client safety.

Through educational and on-the-job training, health care aides will have the skills to perform the following duties:

  • Answer call signals
  • Supply and empty bed pans; bathe, dress and groom patients; serve meal trays
  • Feed or assist in feeding of patients and assist patients with menu selection
  • Lift, turn or massage patients; shave patients prior to operations
  • Supervise patients’ exercise, set-up and provide leisure activities for patients
  • Accompany patients on outside recreational activities; and perform other duties related to patient care;
  • Take patients’ blood pressure, temperature and pulse; report or record fluid intake and output
  • Observe or monitor patients’ status and document patient care on charts; collect specimens such as urine, feces or sputum; administer suppositories, colonic irrigations and enemas
  • Perform other procedures as directed by nursing and hospital staff;
  • Transport patients in wheelchair or stretcher for treatment or surgery;
  • Carry messages, reports, requisitions and specimens from one department to another;
  • Make beds and maintain patients’ rooms ;
  • Maintain inventory of supplies;
  • May perform maintenance tasks such as assist with the set-up and maintenance of traction equipment, clean or sterilize equipment, maintain and repair equipment, assemble, setup and operate job-related equipment

For more information about health care aide job descriptions, visit Health Care Career Planning.


There are currently many health care aide positions available at facilities across Manitoba in a variety of settings, including acute, community and long-term care. Our province supports safe and respectful workplaces and promotes effective collaboration amongst all health care providers in a variety of settings, urban, rural and remote.

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