Medical Laboratory Assistant

Medical Laboratory Assistants are the professionals who are responsible for assisting the laboratory in its role of sample triaging, accessioning and processing of specimens. Medical Laboratory Assistants have a great understanding in the pre- analytical procedures that happen in the Laboratory, these duties can include:

  • Patient registration into the Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Performing phlebotomy
  • Aliquoting samples
  • Preparing Reagents
  • Urinalysis
  • Loading specimens onto Analyzers

In just 11 months or less you can be on the job working with many career opportunities available!

Education Timeline:

Admission requirement is a High school diploma, including Grade 12 Math and English and Grade 11 or 12 Biology or Chemistry

Program is offered at two locations in Winnipeg Robertson College (11 month program) and Herzing (4 month program).


There are currently many Medical Laboratory Assistant positions available at labs across Manitoba, Rural and Urban. Labs are open 24/7, work evenings/nights, weekends, and on call could be required with your position.

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