Critical Care Nursing Orientation Program

If you are looking for a learning opportunity and enjoy working in a dynamic care environment, consider becoming a critical care nurse!

The Critical Care Nursing Orientation Program (CCNOP) offers nurses comprehensive training, so you are fully prepared to work with critically ill patients in an ICU.  Additional support is also available to thoroughly integrate CCNOP graduates to the ICU and their new team.

CCNOP graduates have a guaranteed position in one of our intensive care units where you will join a collaborative team of nurses, doctors, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, dieticians, physiotherapists, social workers, and support staff with critical care expertise. Your team will support you every step of the way in your new career.

How it works

  • Guaranteed job in Critical Care: You will apply directly to your preferred ICU (at the hospital of your choice) as a nurse trainee and start on the unit upon completion of your training.
  • Comprehensive Training: This comprehensive orientation program will train and fully prepare you for your new role. You will participate in theory and lab training, with in-unit experience and clinical orientation supported by experienced nurse educators.
  • Paid Training: You will be paid a full-time salary throughout your comprehensive training. Salary is commensurate with the Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU) N2 salary scale.
  • Accessible Education: The program blends online and classroom learning followed by hands-on experience through specialized clinical practicum in the unit where you will work upon graduation. Lab and clinical (buddied and specialized) experience are an important part of the CCNOP program.

Apply now

For more information, please speak with your manager or Chief Nursing Officer, or contact the site you wish to work at below.


MICU Nurse

“I’m really proud to be a nurse, and a nurse on this team.”

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Site Contacts

Grace Hospital
Chantal Packulak
[email protected]

Health Sciences Centre
Catherine Campbell
[email protected]

St. Boniface Hospital
Sarah Gilchrist
[email protected]

Brandon Regional Health Centre
Sheilagh Remillard
[email protected]

Dauphin Regional Health Centre
Chandel Bailey-Morrison
[email protected]

The Cardiac Rhythm Course is a prerequisite for the CCNOP. If you require the rhythm course contact 204-787-4988 for more information.

If you have taken an alternate rhythm course, successful completion of a challenge test will be required.

Cardiac Rhythm Course

The course is open to ALL nurses who are enrolled in the CCNOP or who work in clinical units/areas that require cardiac rhythm analysis. Other clinical nurses interested in gaining rhythm analysis knowledge and skills as part of their career planning are encouraged to apply for available open spots.

For upcoming session information contact the program Administrative Assistant at 204-787-4988.

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