Current Opportunities

Nursing positions are available across the province in rural, northern and urban settings.

Additional Opportunities

Provincial Nursing Float Pool

Experience the hospitality of a new-to-you community or facility, work in a different area or specialty, and enjoy the flexibility of being a member of Manitoba’s Provincial Nursing Float Pool.

Travel Nursing

Travel nurses enjoy unique work assignments across Manitoba’s north, with flexible scheduling and opportunities in remote, urban and rural settings. Opportunities exist for casual RNs, LPNs or RPNs.

With salary incentives, paid travel and accommodations, and more, your time in Northern Manitoba will be an experience you won’t forget!

Undergraduate Nurse Employee

If you’re a third- or fourth-year nursing student enrolled in an approved Manitoba education program leading to practice as an RN or RPN, consider a position as an Undergraduate Nurse Employee (UNE).

As a UNE you will care for patients, gain valuable experience, and log working hours that will give you an advantage when applying for jobs after you graduate.

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