Provincial Nursing Float Pool

Nursing Opportunities exist in communities large and small across Manitoba. Experience the hospitality of a new-to-you community or facility, work in a different area or specialty, and enjoy the flexibility of floating.

Provincial salary incentives, flexible scheduling, paid travel / accommodations and more! Opportunities exist for casual RPNs, RNs, LPNs or NPs.

  • Incentive pay of $6 per hour worked at “float” location or facility
  • Diverse experience – work in different settings and teams to enhance your skills and expand your scope of practice
  • Identify your preferred communities and facilities
  • Flexible scheduling and varied assignments – you decide how and where you spend your time
  • Paid travel time (at your regular pay) and paid accommodations (arranged for you)
  • Paid sick time and health benefits

How does it work?

Provincial Float pool Nurses work a guaranteed FTE of their choice (ranging from part-time to full-time hours) split between two or more work locations or facilities with at least half of the agreed-upon FTE worked at a “float location or facility” across Manitoba’s health regions. Provincial float pool nurses will have the freedom to choose which health region, facility, and work location they wish to work in.

Guaranteed hours. Paid travel time, mileage and accommodation for hours worked outside the “home” unit or facility. Flexibility and choice.

More information about this opportunity and how to apply coming soon.

Questions? Contact:

Share this information with your teams with this print friendly poster and Q+A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do provincial float pool nurses receive pay incentives?

Yes, nurses participating in the Provincial Float Pool will receive incentive pay of $6 per hour worked at “float” location or facility.

What FTEs would I need to work as part of the Provincial Float Pool?

There will be full-time, part-time and casual positions will be available.

Am I able identify my preferred shifts?

Yes, participating nurses will be able to have flexible scheduling related to their preferred shifts (day, evening or nights).

With flexible scheduling will I still be able to maintain my benefits?

Yes, there will be ability to maintain benefits with flexible scheduling options for full-time and part-time nurses.

I am currently employed full-time at a health care facility. How do I apply for the Provincial Float Pool?

The Provincial Nursing Float Pool is a unit being established within Shared Health. If you are interested in joining the Provincial Float Pool, you will need to apply through Shared Health Human Resources when postings become available. It is anticipated that positions will begin to be posted in November and flexible scheduling options will be made available.

If I am currently employed at another Service Delivery Organization and I apply for a position in the Provincial Nursing Float Pool, will all hours worked accrue overtime premiums?

Overtime would not apply to hours worked in the Provincial Float Pool as you would be employed by two different legal entities. 

Do I need a certain amount of experience to be eligible for the Provincial Float Pool?

We encourage interested nurses with all levels of experience to apply for positions in the Provincial Float Pool.

Will my travel time and accommodations be paid for?

Yes, required travel time, mileage and accommodations for time worked outside the “home” unit or facility will be paid.

If I want to stay at a private residence or accommodations while working at my “away” facility, will I receive compensation?

Yes, if you choose to stay at private accommodations while working at the “away” facility, you will receive a $50 per day accommodations stipend in accordance with Shared Health policy.

Will I receive paid sick time and health benefits?

Full-time and part-time nurses participating in the Provincial Float Pool will receive paid sick time and health benefits, commensurate to their working hours in accordance with the MNU Collective Agreement.

Will I receive a pension?

Full-time and part-time nurses participating in the Provincial Float Pool Float Pool are entitled to participate in the pension plan.

Can I identify where I would want to work as my “away” facility? Can I also identify where I would not want to work?

Yes. Interested nurses can identify specific Service Delivery Organizations or Health Regions where they would most like to work. This information – and clinical need – will be considered as part of finalizing work assignments. Similarly, interested nurses may also indicate where they would prefer not to be assigned.

Am I able to work in different program area in the “away” facility than I do in my “home” location?

Yes. Interested nurses can identify which program areas they would prefer to work in during their assignment. For example, if you work in Surgery in your “home” facility, you may request to work in Medicine or another area in another facility. 

Is there a minimum duration for “away” work rotations?

Flexible scheduling options will determine the duration of the float pool rotations however participating nurses will be scheduled for a minimum of 50 percent of shifts at the “away” rotation.

Can I request to be assigned to the same facility as a nursing colleague?

Yes, nurses can be assigned in pairs to the same “away” facility based on described needs by Service Delivery Organizations for multiple resources.

Will the “away” site always be the same?

The “away” site may remain the same for the duration of your work rotation. This depends upon the flexible scheduling option chosen.

Would Provincial Nursing Float Pool assignments be paid as part of regular pay statements?

Provincial float pool nurses will be paid by Shared Health, as part of a recurring bi-weekly pay period while on a work assignment. If you hold another position outside of the Float Pool position, this would be separate from your regular “home” facility pay statements.

Would I be mandated to work additional shifts as a float pool nurse?

Every effort will be made to avoid mandating nurses to work overtime.

Would I need to arrange my own accommodations for when I’m working at the “away” site?

Travel (if required) and accommodations will be arranged and paid for by the Service Delivery Organization once a work assignment has been confirmed.

When will the Provincial Float Pool program launch?

Plans are underway to ensure all required aspects of the program are in place prior to launch. This includes engagement with nursing teams across the province. It is anticipated the program will launch this fall, with full-time, part-time and casual positions posted in November.

How can I learn more about the Provincial Float Pool Program?

More information will be available in the coming months. Please direct any questions for additional information to

If I would like to work a lot of shifts within a compressed block of time and then take an extended break, will I continue to receive a regular paycheck for the same amount (pay levelling) or will my paychecks reflect the actual hours I worked or didn’t work within that pay period? 

All hours must be paid in the pay period in which they are worked. Your paychecks will reflect the hours worked in that pay period.

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