Manitoba’s Refer a Nurse Program

Do you know a nurse who may be interested in working in Manitoba’s health system?
Refer a nurse and you may be eligible for up to $1,000!

Eligible referrals include:

  • Those made by any employee of an eligible employer*
  • The referred nurse must be an NP, RN, RPN, or LPN
  • The referred nurse must be able to provide written confirmation of their employment with an eligible employer
  • The referred nurse must be newly hired within the past six-months
  • The referred nurse must have an active practice license at time of hire

*Eligible employers include: Shared Health, Winnipeg-Churchill, Prairie Mountain Health, Southern Health-Santé Sud, Northern Health Region, and Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority. A full list of eligible employers is available here.

Referring employees (referees) may receive $500 when the referred nurse begins work in a full-time, part-time or casual position.

After the referred nurse has completed 12 months of employment (full-time/part-time EFT) or 500 hours of work within a 12 month period (casual), the referring employee may receive another $500.


Who is considered an eligible Referee?

A referee is person employed by one of the Employer Organizations who refers a nurse that obtains employment with one of the listed employers.

Who may be considered a Referred Nurse?

A nurse practitioner (NP), registered nurse (RN), registered psychiatric nurse (RPN), or licensed practical nurse (LPN), who is referred by an eligible Referee, and obtains employment with one of the eligible employers.

The referred nurse must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Newly hired within the past six months; and
  • Have an active practice license at time of hire; and
  • Complete 12 months of service (if hired into a PT or FT EFT position); OR
  • Complete a minimum of 500 hours within a consecutive 12-month period (if hired into a casual position).

Who is not eligible?

  • A nurse already employed with one of the listed employers.
  • A nurse who is rehired within 6 months of retirement and retains the 20-year salary step.
  • A nurse who moves from one of the listed employers to another listed employer within 6 months.
  • New graduates.
  • Self-referrals.

What type of employment is required? Part-time, full-time, casual?

Referred nurses may work in a full or part-time EFT or as a casual employee.

What is the incentive?

Where a referred nurse has been hired into a position (PT, FT, or casual) the Referee will receive compensation both at the time of the individual beginning work ($500 when the Referred Nurse starts in an EFT or casual role) AND after working for the required period of time (12 months for an EFT position; 500 hours and 12 consecutive months for a casual position).

How do I apply?

A Referee must apply for the Refer-A-Nurse Incentive by completing the application form and providing the following information:

  • Name and position (site/department) of referred nurse.
  • Name and address of employer of referred nurse.
  • Referred nurse’s start date.

Employers will be asked to confirm the details on the Refer-A-Nurse application form and to confirm that the referred nurse has completed the requirements of the incentive (remained employed for the required time frame).

What does a Referred Nurse need to do?

Referred nurses must mention in their interview or at the time of application that they have been referred and provide the name of their referee.

If the referred nurse is successful in obtaining employment with a listed employer, they are responsible for informing their referee and providing the information necessary for the referee to complete the application form. For more information, see procedure document.


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