Emergency Nursing Orientation Program

Collaborative teamwork, diverse patients, unique skills.

Advance your career with us!

Are you a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse working in an Emergency Department or Urgent Care Centre in Manitoba? Are you looking to advance your nursing career while building your skills and confidence in this exciting and dynamic environment?

Manitoba’s Provincial Emergency Nursing Orientation (ENO) program offers paid, comprehensive and specialized training for recently hired nurses working in one of Manitoba’s Emergency or Urgent Care departments.

Open to rural, urban, and northern nurses, this opportunity will develop the skills to care for a broad range of patient needs.

How it works

  • PAID training – Education requires a full-time weekday working hour commitment for each level. Salary is commensurate with the Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU) N2 salary scale.
  • VARIED platforms – With virtual classes, self-directed learning, classroom skill days, and buddied shifts, the ENO program will bridge your skills from the classroom to the clinical setting.
  • FLEXIBLE learning – With phased education, the ENO program can be taken over one six-week period, OR, complete in three segments (each two-weeks in length), allowing you to develop new skills and apply your learning in a clinical setting.

Apply now

Speak to your manager, educator or clinical resource nurse (CRN) to inquire about registering for the Provincial ENO.

For more information about the Provincial Emergency Nursing Orientation, please contact Stephanie Robertson, Provincial Emergency Education Coordinator at [email protected].

Manitoba is hiring! Find nursing opportunities in emergency departments near you by visiting Manitoba’s Job Board.

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